We have a zero tolerance approach to…

pork products
glass bottles


How we make decisions


We stage committee meetings that take place every fortnight.


Recycling and rubbish


We do a bin check every 2/3 hours. If a bin is reaching it’s limit we put a new bag in. There will be recycling options at all refuse points. We urge attendees to recycle.


Personal hygiene


We believe it is important that attendees stay clean as this makes everyone’s experience more enjoyable. We also believe that all attendees should have the same access to elite facilities which is why we have provided elite loos and hot showers for all guests.


Age limit


Strictly no under 18’s are allowed entry into the main festival arena, production roads or production areas between the 20th June and 7th July.


Volunteering opportunities


Please write to if you wish to volunteer before, during and after the festival.


Stay informed with a Tower newsletter


We send out newsletters at irregular times in the year. This way you can stay informed!


Health & Safety on site


We provide around the clock medical assistance through St. John’s Ambulance. This will be visible from The Tower. You can rest assured that your health and safety is of upmost importance to us.
Stewards will monitor the site in high-vis jackets to attend to your needs in an emergency.




We are currently working on an informative film to help you with your travel plans. Please revisit our site in June for bus service announcements.




The Tower was built to commemorate the planting of 12 million trees. We are keeping up this outstanding record. For each ticket sold we plant a tree on the grounds. We are an ozone-friendly festival and we need your help saving this planet. Party sustainably – join The Tower.


Have your say on Tower issues…


If you would like to give your opinion about the service we are offering we have a dedicated team ready to discuss your issues. Reach us at the address below.